Getting Out of Rat Race with Online Money Making Opportunities

The first time that I heard about Rat Race is 9 years ago from a man name Robert Kiyosaki. Yup, he’s the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad series of motivational books. From that day onwards I decided to work my way out from being just an employee. I got into several multi level marketing businesses while holding on my daily job. I learned a lot but I also sacrifice lots of time and the people I love. Even until today I’m still working to become an entrepreneur. I switch from multi level marketing business to pursuing money making opportunities online as this is the method which allows me to spend more time with my family. Although I’m still far away from becoming a successful entrepreneur but I’ll definitely reach my goal. It might takes more time than I expected as I made a lot of wrong turns but that’s fine as long as I make it at the end.

Here’s an article title “15 abilities you must have to get out of the rat race” by Wendy Piersall from the website Spark Plugging Work at Home Resources for Home-Based Entrepreneurs. I find the 15 abilities worth check out and think about. Below I’ll roughly describe it. Details you may go ahead and check out the article.

  1. Be a Salesperson. That’s the basic because you have to be able to sell in order to become an entrepreneur.
  2. Delay Gratification. Entrepreneurship is not a get rich fast scheme. It’s a long term hard work with almost no holiday. Success most likely comes only after lots of failures. Still there is no guarantee for an everlasting success.
  3. Discipline. We actually need discipline to get things done and stick to our plan.
  4. Taking Risks. No risk no gain. In order to be successful, we need to be willingly to take on certain level of risk.
  5. Built Rapport. We need to build relationships as an entrepreneur. Building reputation and gaining alliances is a must.
  6. Be a Leader. We must be able to lead and having lots of followers.
  7. Be uncomfortable. We should be feeling uncomfortable because running a business is not easy. Realizing the difficulties and problems but still able to find a way to work things out is the key to success.
  8. Inspire. We have to be able to inspire and be inspired to move on.
  9. Focus. This is the thing that we all need to stay on course without getting distracted.
  10. Understand Numbers. This is the way to really tell your status and condition. The numbers tell if you’re doing good or bad.
  11. Analysis. This is where we make use of Google Analytics. We have to learn to read the statistics correctly.
  12. Ask for Help. This is the first golden rules. If you need something, just ask.
  13. Know Thyself. Know your strengths and weaknesses so that you can improve or get help.
  14. Balance Ego with Humility. I suppose self confidence is the key to make it in business.
  15. Persistence. The moment you stop and give up, you fail. If you keeps on going and continue on until you reach success, all the failures you did are just part of the process to become successful.

P/S: Honestly I lack a lot of abilities mention above. But still that does not stop me from becoming an entrepreneur. I just have to learn up and keep on improving myself.



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5 Responses to “Getting Out of Rat Race with Online Money Making Opportunities”

  1. George says:

    I think those are really the most important points for making money online or offline. To be focused and to be salesperson are very very important. I know many people that are amazing professionals but they are not good in sales, so simple can not make money.

  2. Jim Owter says:

    Having some experience on the subject and observing some people around I should say that the most important thing in getting out of the Rat’s Race is management of your motivation.

    It is possible to learn a technique but it is much harder to get and maintain a sincere desire to achieve results.

    A good friend of mine decided to go into MLM because of the financial need. She was impressed with the training provided and people she met were real achievers.
    However even her dire need of money could not motivate her enough to DO things that somehow are not to her liking.

    That is why she procrastinates.

    In my opinion one should not rush in any money-making activity unless the motivation is naturally developed.

  3. Kumo says:

    Well said and agreed. I too experience the same thing. Although MLM might not be the kind of business that I like, But I did learned a lot in just couple of years.

  4. zubin_Payday Cash says:

    Nice write up. These are good tips and I am glad that you compiled them into one main list. I have used some of these before and it helps in moneymaking.

  5. Jules says:

    Thanks for a great well written article. Some of the things you point out are things i have either overlooked or just not implemented for some reason or other. I am off to start adressing them now.