Getting Grade A in Pursuit of Money Making Opportunities Online

Do you think that school should teach children how to manage and handle money? I honestly think learning how to manage and use money is a fundamental skill to survive in this world. At least primary and secondary school should educate children how to manage money and avoid falling into huge debt. It doesn’t matter if you have the ability to make a lot of money. If you cannot manage money properly, you will still end up with nothing but debt. Just check out some of the rich and famous celebrities in sports or Hollywood. You will find lots of individual examples who earn a lot of money but still have a huge debt on the shoulders.

Check out the blog post title “8 Reasons Why You’re Getting an F in Personal Finance” form Yahoo Finance. Although the financial tips provided are just basic, it is enough to help prevent you from getting an F in personal finance. The 8 reasons or tips presented in the blog post are:

  1. You don’t have an emergency fund.
  2. You don’t know how much you have in your bank accounts.
  3. You don’t understand the difference between a want and a need.
  4. You don’t know how much money you spend.
  5. Your tastes exceed your spending capability.
  6. You can’t say no.
  7. You’re an impulse shopper.
  8. You worry about what others think about you.

If you give a little bit of modification and adjustment, the financial tips can also applicable in the pursuit of money making opportunities online. The financial concept is about the same. The only difference is that instead of using it on an individual, we apply it on small businesses. Below is how the financial tips sounds like after modification:

Prepare an emergency fund. Just in case the online business or the pursuit of money making opportunities online took more time than expected, you still have enough money to get through the period of unstable income. Study the amount of money you have before taking any chances. Make clear of what you want and what you need. Record the amount of money you spend online for businesses and opportunities. Do not spend more than what you earned. Learn to say no and reject things that you don’t need. Think carefully before purchasing anything online. This includes the tools and software for making money online. Worry about the progress of your money making online business and nothing else.




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