Getting All the Help from Google Adsense for Your Money Making Opportunities Blogs

There are basically two things we can do to help improve and increase Google Adsense revenue. We can opt in to receive customized suggestions about Adsense implementation and tell our story or experience with the tips provided. Well, it’s not entirely a direct way to increase the earnings, but we sure need all the help we can get. Check out the blog post title “Tell us about your experience with our customized suggestions” from Google Inside Adsense Blog as it provides some of the blog examples that show improvement.

Honestly, I think the suggestions might not do any help if you’ve study and learn your Google Adsense well. But who knows you might miss out something important. So it’s better to just opted in and received the customized suggestions just in case. Besides I’m more interested in the “Tell us about your experience…” part. Just like in the blog post, if our blog is features as an example, a link to our blog can definitely help to promote and increase Google Adsense revenue. This is worth a lot more than any suggestion provided. So tell your story so that you’ll have a chance to get feature in the blog post.

P/S: Sometimes I think it’s a good idea to cooperate and interact with Google because if you do the work nicely, you’ll be rewarded.



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  1. Dave says:

    For me, smart placement and colors have always increase the number of clicks. There is something interesting, that square ads always get more clicks that others.