Getting Ahead of Mobile Ads Technology

Mobile advertisement is the hottest topic lately with Google constantly promoting and encouraging publisher to make full use of it. Other than website and blog, mobile site has become one of the money making opportunities or platforms. Depending on the type of online businesses, products or services that you are selling, choosing the right platform can affect earning potential.

When it comes to advertising, regardless of mobile, offline or online, the basic concept is reaching the right customers. The purpose of advertising is to bring in more business. Thus reaching the right customers has always been the toughest challenge for advertising company. So how advertising companies knows the right customers to target? Well, this can be done by simply collects customers’ information. The more information obtain, the better advertising companies decide which advertisement to release for the customers. As for the online advertising companies, advertisement targeting decision depends on users surfing behavior and location. This is the reason why Google starting to collect surfing history for each and every users around the world. It is all for the purpose of choosing and placing the right advertisement for the right customer. So when Facebook decided to introduce mobile ads into their apps, they manage to target the right customers because they have been collecting customers’ information right from the beginning. Google even go further by trying to gather information using mobile sensor. Yup, Google is trying to deliver ads base on noise, temperature and light which can be detect by mobile sensor. Sounds cool? Well, Google has patents mobile ads that sense noise, temp and light. We will be expecting interesting ads from Google in coming future. But we have to get ourselves a cool smartphone with advance sensor technology in order to experience the advertisement. If you like to explore or start a new niche market, this can be a good topic to go for.



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