Getting a Job or continue working on Money Making Opportunities Part 6 Final

Finally the most convincing reason to choose money making opportunities online rather than getting a job is able to spend more time with my loves one. Having a job basically you’re trading your time for money. That means you sold at least 40 hours of your time per week to stay with the company. That does not include over time that sometimes you have to do. If you’re holding a higher position with great responsibility, you’ll be spending more time in the company then you expected.

Not getting a job but continue to work on my money making opportunities allows we to work closely with my loves one or my parents. In a way of speaking if you know what I mean. My work place is very flexible as I just need my laptop and a place to online. I can take care of my loves one as I’m able to watch them closely by my side. The flexibility which allows me to choose the time to work, how I work and where I work enables me to deal with the unexpected situation nicely. That’s the beauty of having the choice to decide. Especially when you have to deal with the situation for a longer period of time, you still can go on without affecting your work. If you’re holding a job, the best that you can get is taking leaves temporally. You don’t have much choice as you’re tied up by the job. You can only hope that things can be solved as soon as possible and you don’t have to arrange others to take over the situation when you return to work.

I wasn’t so sure about this until my parent falls sick. Lucky I was around and I’m able to send her to the hospital. She needs to be in the hospital for few days. I was able to take care of my parents in the hospital while continue working on my money making opportunities online. I just bring my laptop and do my work right beside the bed. That’s the reason why I’m still able to keep up with all my blogging and you still able to read a post a day on this blog. If I’m holding a job, I don’t think I’m able to do all the above. I’ll need help from others who are staying close to my parents to send her to the hospital. Furthermore I have to rely on others to keep an eye on my parents until I return from work. Not to mention if my work place is hours away from my parent’s house, things might be more difficult.

P/S: For this final particular reason, some people even choose to have a lower salary job just to spend more time with their family or stay close to them. What will you choose, between work and family? For me, I choose not to get a job but continue pursuit my money making opportunities online.



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