Getting a Job or continue working on Money Making Opportunities Part 4

Freedom of Choice, life and work

When is the last time you had a long vacation? I think most of us never have a long vacation after starting to work. The longest vacation that we ever had might just be during the study time. We had 3 months holiday on summer break and 1 month holiday on winter break. Once we started to work, I think the longest holiday we can get is 1 week. Even for that 1 week holiday we have to plan early and mix with festival holiday like Christmas and New Year. Not to mention we have to pray nothing strange happens during that time or we might get call back to work in the middle of the night. If you’re holding a job and a fairly high position in a factory or company, then you’ll be expecting those mentions above for sure. When it comes to work, you don’t have a choice in most cases. The words “No” or “can’t do it” are not in an employee dictionary. When your employer or your boss gives you an assignment, you don’t have a choice but to accept it. It’s your job to complete the work given. The only option you can take if you don’t like the work is to quit or get another job. In the beginning of a new job, you are given the work that you like because it’s what you apply and what you study for. But once you’ve work for 5~10 years, you’ll begin to shift to other work position and mostly you’ll move up to management. In most cases you don’t have a choice because it’s your boss decision to reposition you. In other words you don’t have the freedom to decide which path to go. Actually it’s not just work that we don’t have much freedom. There are rules and regulation in each factor or company that we have to follow. Some of the rules that employees need to follow are report to work on time, uniforms, having meals in canteen, no personal phone calls and many more. If you want to keep your job and continue to work in that place then you’ll just have to follow the rules.

Honestly, that’s not the worst part as most of us are actually fine with it. The life of having a job is systematic. You get to work at 8am in the morning and gets off at 5pm. You follow the rules and carry out the work as instructed. If you need to do anything other than work, for example taking day off, sick leave or personal issue you will need to get approval from your boss. As you’re depending on your salary to survive and live on, most of the time you’ll put your work in priority for anything else including your family. Sometimes you might even have to sacrifice a lot more to get promoted, higher salary and bonus. The life of having a job does not enjoy much freedom. In most cases you have to request, pleaded or begged for what you want.

In the other hand, not holding a job gives some advantages which I honestly enjoying very much. First of all I’m free to choose the work I love and I’m able to decide when to do it, where to do it and how to do it. I make all the decisions by myself without having to get approval from anybody. Basically I’m able to plan my time, my holiday, my work and best of all my life. This is actually good because I learn to be independent. I don’t have to rely on factory or company to live my life. In other words I’m able to earn a living by myself. For those that have been working in a factory or a company for more than 10 years, company shut down or retrenchment means the lost of a dependable source of living and income. If that happens, it’s not going to be easy to get back into the game.

P/S: I remember there is a question asks when interviewing for a job. It goes like this “What do you see yourself in this company after 5 years?” Honestly if I can see that or even 10 years after, that means I’m trap in that company for that long. It also means that I’ve lost my freedom of choice as there is only one result I can expect.



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3 Responses to “Getting a Job or continue working on Money Making Opportunities Part 4”

  1. Robert Eckert says:

    I actually feel the same way you do when it comes to working for Corporate America.It is a shame you have to work so you can retire and it takes 30-40 years of back breaking work to get there.

    With basically nothing truely to show for it in the Bank.

    This was a really good read!

  2. David Advisor says:

    Actually, I think you do the same, when it comes to America.It business is a disgrace you must work so that you can retire, need 30-40 years of pioneering work in the back to get.

  3. Kumo says:

    I saw too many people around me that ends up nothing at the age of 50. I guess I Just couldn’t let myself becoming one of them.