Getting a Job or continue working on Money Making Opportunities Part 3

The Value of Experience Gain working in a Factory

Basically the work in the factory is the same old process that repeats day after day. In most cases you just have to follow instruction and complete the task given. As you’re just responsible for a certain part of work procedure, you’ll be good in doing that particular process. Your experience basically is all about that procedure. Does this experience good for your personal development? Well, it might be good if you’re able to continue working in the same procedure. Sadly this experience might not be useful anywhere beyond the factory. If you continue to work in the above mention condition, you’ll gain just one experience. That is the pure working experience. That means you just have the experience of working in factory, in other words getting used to the working life. You’ll able to understand and follow instruction given by your immediate superior and have no problem working with others. Basically it’s a simple experience that shows you’re able to work. That’s all. Will this help when you’re trying to get another job? Perhaps not much.

When you’re in the first year of a new job, you’ll learn a lot. After knowing and understanding all the process you began to make full use of it in your work. The longer you work the more experience you’ll gain, the better the quality of your work. Once you’ve master your job position, your experience and learning process becomes stagnant. If you continue the same old job for 5 years or more, the experience will just be the same. It is very simple to judge if the experience that you gain right now useful or not. You just have to imagine how this experience can be helpful after 5~10 years. Compare it with an example of money making opportunities say like investment or any kind of investment. Will 5~10 years of investment experience worth more and valuable?

I’ve been working in a factory for 8 years. My life on the pursuit of online money making opportunities is just 2 years plus. Honestly, I learned a lot more in 2 years compare to my 8 working life in factory. The knowledge and the experience that I gain open up my vision towards the world. I actually feel more alive than before. The 8 working life in the factory is just like a soulless zombie to me. I only learn about the products and the process. That’s all. It’s not just about money, the experience or career. It’s the life. If you’re unable to obtain work satisfactory, perhaps it’s time for you to change your job or do something else. A working life that you’re not happy with cannot feed your soul. An empty soul eventually leads to unhealthy lifestyle.



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