Getting a Job or continue working on Money Making Opportunities Part 2

Trading Time for Money

You started out working with $2000 as your basic salary. After 5 years you’ll earn $2500. After 10 years you’ll earn $3200. Right before you retired you’ll get around $5000 salary. Perhaps some people might think that this is not bad at all. Frankly speaking it’s really not bad if we are paid with the above amount of salary. You might not be able to buy huge house or buy a fancy sport car, but it’s enough to feed a family. You can have a good life if only you can keep your job. I’ve work for 8 years as an engineer in the factory. I changed company twice because of economic downturn. I think most people experience that lately. Once you’re forced to change company, you basically have to start all over again. Company will reevaluate you according to your experience, age and ability. In most cases company will choose to employ fresh graduate because of salary, age and knowledge. At this point the only thing that you’re good to a company is your work experience. The problem is there are so many people having the same work experience just like you. Most company only needs one or two experience seniors to lead the young new employees. Basically you just don’t have much to compete with others. I think we seen a lot of examples lately when the world faces economic downturn. Most people who work in the factory for more than 20 years are unable to get back to their old regular job once they are being laid off.

Let’s say if you work on your money making opportunities online for 20 years. Hypothetically one day all the stuff that you work online disappear. That means your blog, affiliate earning, EBooks and everything else that makes you money gone in just one day. Will you still be able to survive? When you’re into blogging and money making opportunities, you’re constantly learning and updating new information. 20 years of knowledge on blogging and money making opportunities is good enough to either get a job or starting a new business. That is trading your knowledge for money and is much more valuable than trading your time for money. Why is this so? Well, this has to do with the experience that you gain working in the factory compare with the knowledge that you get from blogging. It’s just the question of which is more valuable over time. And that leads to my second reason of not getting a job – The value of experience gain working in a Factory.

P/S: to be continue in Part 3. Before end let me just ask a quick question. Do you think the experience that you gain in your current job will help you get a better job?



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