Get Help to build your multi screen site

Most of us knows how to build a multi-screen site. But if you are seriously trying to attract customers for your business, you might need some help from the professionals. Perhaps you might need to hire others to help create a good multi-screen site. Check out the blog post title “Work with a vendor to improve your mobile user experience” from Google Inside AdSense.

There are three certified vendor partners that can help create and optimize mobile sites. The question is do we really need it. Below are some of the things that I will consider before I hire somebody to create my mobile site.

Do I really need a good mobile site for my business?
Getting a mobile site basically means targeting mobile users. If my business is mostly mobile users, I’ll need a good mobile site to keep in touch with my customers. And I certainly need to optimize my mobile site for profits.

Do I have the budget to hire a vendor?
If I really need to optimize my mobile site, I need to prepare a budget for it. At least I plan to get it sometime in the future when I have the money.

Do I really need to hire Google certified vendor partners?
There are so many companies and freelancers that can build and optimize mobile site nicely. Why should I choose Google certified vendor partners? I will ask them this question before hiring them. What makes them so special?

P/S: I hope to earn more money from AdSense if I hire Google certified vendor partners to create and optimize my mobile site. I guess there is no guarantee for that. I wonder if my mobile site will rank higher too.



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