Generating and Researching Content for eBooks

Once we have decided the topic of our eBook, next is to start generating the content. This is when our English lessons attended in school become useful, especially the composition part. There are several stages which we need to go through before the eBook can be completed and ready for sale. Although there is no absolute correct way to produce an eBook, we must make sure that readers or customers are satisfied with what they are paid for. Let us start with the first draft of our eBook.

The first draft usually is the time to gather as much information and content which we can think of without worrying about spelling, grammar and essay fluency. Anything which you can think of including ideas, questions, examples and suggestions can be included in the first draft. But whatever it is, it must not off topic. Basically you need to elaborate and explain about the topic of your eBook. A little bit of history and definition will be required. Next you need to list out as many points or sub topic available. Each points or sub topic requires explanation and if possible examples. You should able to work out several pages base on the above structure given. Keep in mind that you are writing to a person that has a poor understanding ability and required lots of explanation in details. This can prepare your mindset of creating an eBook for all levels of readers.

When it comes to second draft, you need to filter out the unnecessary points or not so important content. You need to clean up the content so that it does not off topic. Keep it simple and straight to the point. Remember to save a copy of the first draft as you might return for additional points. Copy and pick the points from the first draft and compile it to become your second draft. Now you can start repairing spelling, grammar and essay fluency.

Once you have completed the second draft, invite your family members or friends to read and provide opinion and advice. If they are satisfied with your work, then it should be ready to market your eBook. You can also create a study group to improve the quality of the eBook. You will receive lots of advice and opinion but remember that you need to decide which is best for your eBook. Be creative as there is no standard format of how an eBook should be.

Below is a list of website which can be very useful for research and content development:



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