Few Points that New Freelancer should considered

I have been posting several reviews about freelancing sites in this blog. I really think that in some countries doing freelancing can be a very good income. That is if we consider the currency exchange and local living expenditure. In some countries, USD$100 monthly is enough to have a very good living style. Still having the ability to get the jobs done doesn’t mean that you can get the jobs. Even if you are able to get the jobs and complete it, still you need to think of a way to get your payment. Despite that you need to calculate the fees of currency exchange and money transfer. If you are not careful, you’ll end up doing the work for nothing.

First thing first, you need to be able to sell your skills and get the jobs. Introducing and promoting yourself is very important. A lot of freelancing sites required details of your background, education, abilities and experience. It would be better to take few hours to write it properly as that’s more a less the same as your resume. In fact better to get your own blog and introduced yourself as a freelancer. Create the about page to let your readers know who you are and include your resume. Brand yourself with avatar and post about your project, thoughts, finding and experience as a freelancer. Place a link back to your blog at every freelancing site so that people know where to look for you if they need your services.

Next you need to get a project and show the world your ability and how good you are. The first project is always difficult to get because people don’t know you and might not trust you with it. Better to considered the first project as a nonprofitable deal. Place your charges low or giving out the first project free can be a good way to promote. You goal here is to let others know your skills and built their trust on you. Once you established trust among the employers and proved your ability then you’ll get more jobs. You can name your price higher then. So give your very best on the first project even if you are not making money on it. You are actually exchanging your work with trust and position as a skillful freelancer.

You can’t do this alone. Get involve with forums and social networking like DigitalPoint and MyBlogLog and make friends with other freelancers all around the world. Offer your help and interact with each other. Lots of information regarding freelancing can be found and you’ll need the info to survive in this field. Besides, it’s a good way to let others know more about you. I think you’ll find other ways to earn money too instead of just doing freelancing. After all, it’s better to have different source of income.

It takes time to built trust and position as a freelancer online. Be patient and keep up you momentum and passion. Do it part time when you are building up these things. Once you have established your reputation and jobs started coming in then only considered doing full time. Plan it nicely and you won’t find yourself caught up with financial problems.

P/S: MyBlogLog is no longer available.



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