Four Simple Tips on Maximizing Money Making Opportunities Online Via Mobile Site From Google Mobile Ads Team

According to the blog post title “Mobile Insights: CPG companies are learning: consumers love mobile for immediacy, fun and finding great deals” from Google Mobile Ads Blog, 79% smartphone users rely on smartphones to shop, 69% of smartphone users use their smartphone to check for product information, and another 70% while shopping in the store. That’s the figure that shows money making opportunities within smartphone users. Business owners who can make use of this information and start targeting smartphone users will eventually capture a huge market. Below are four simple tips provided by Google mobile ads team on their fifth post of Mobile Insights series:

  • Make consumer an offer. Provide something useful or solve a problem that a customer has.
  • Go local. Mobile users are always searching for information locally. Let your customers know how close they are to a business.
  • Just test it. Run a few mobile-focused campaigns to experiment with mobile advertising.
  • Get creative. Think of an experience for consumers that are unique to mobile.

You may check out the blog post for details as examples are provided. But basically if you’re able to include the tips into your business strategy, you should be getting positive results. Whatever the plans you have in mind, place yourself as a smartphone user and try to think from a consumer’s point of view. You may also try to sell your plan to your relatives or friends who owns a smartphone and see how they response. Sometimes it is best to test it out before investing your time, energy and money on your plans.



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