Four Simple Steps from Ian Carrington to Target Mobile Users Market

Google Think Mobile event in London was a success with 400 delegates and 9500 plus viewers streaming live online. A lot of facts, data and statistics were shown during the event which suggests the growth of smartphone users and the increase of mobile users market. Suggestions, advices and opinions were provided so that advertisers, marketing company and businesses understood how to get into mobile user market. Check out the blog post title “Think Mobile UK: Ian Carrington of Google calls for ‘A little less conversation, a little more action’” form Google Mobile Ads Blog as Ian Carrington shares the killer stats and some useful steps.

The killer stats are as below:

  • In 2010 there were 500 million people connected to the mobile web, today there are around a billion.
  • In the middle of last year, Wall Street tech futurist Mary Meeker predicted that smartphone sales would overtake PC sales by the end of 2012. That in fact already happened in Q4 2010 – fully two years earlier than expected.
  • UK smartphone penetration in 2010 was 24%; in 2011 it has soared to 36%

The Four steps are as below:

  • Step one: develop and integrate your mobile strategy
  • Step two: build your mobile destination
  • Step three: connect with your users
  • Step four: mobilize your business with data

This is the first in a series of four blog posts about Google Think Mobile event. So stay tune for the coming three blog posts. From the first blog post we can see that Google has been analyzing and keeping track of the smartphone users market. This is call studying the potential market which we need to do before getting into it. Now we understood the potential of smartphone users market, next is to find a way to make profit from the smartphone user market. This part Google has the answer for us. We can see that Google has developed several ways for us to target smartphone users. No doubt the market of smartphone user will be the next big business platform. If Google sees it and already making a move to grab a big piece of this market, we shouldn’t be standing around doing nothing. Especially if you’re a Google Adsense publisher, you should make your move now and start going into smartphone user market. Eventually Google Adsense earnings will shift towards the market of smartphone user. You definitely don’t want to miss this big money making opportunities online.



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