Food truck is always better than getting a restaurant

If you are trying to run a business which has the potential to last long, food related business is one of the suggestions. I talk about this topic briefly in previous post but I never stop thinking about it. Honestly, I did thought about starting a food related business before but never did taking the first step doing it. Food truck was one of the things I wanted to do when I was still in college. Low cost, flexible, simple and able to run by myself alone is the biggest attraction. After so many years, the food truck industry is still one of the best ways to make money for entrepreneurs. Especially if you love cooking and wanted to play around with food, food truck will be fun and interesting for you. Check out the infographic below for “Why Food Truck is Reviving”. Although major restaurant brands already are hitting the road with food trucks, you will still have a chance to make money successfully with your own food truck. Especially if you are selling food made out from your family recipe, people will love home cook. It is obviously better than investing all your money getting a restaurant which you do not know if customers will be walking in or not.



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