Following Mobile Trends to Catch up Money Making Opportunities Online

When I started to blog about money making opportunities online, it was just about computer. There was only one type of visitors. They are those who own a computer. Several years later the computer we talk about makes a change and split into desktop or laptop. This is when we started to think about the characteristics of laptop users. This is when mobile starts. We were then needed to focus on topics relate to the group of computer users who went mobile. That is the first time computers go mobile and the introduction of laptop. Few years later smartphone and tablet devices come in and share the mobile world. Currently we basically have four types of online users which we can focus on. They are desktop users, laptop users, smartphone users and tablets users. Three out of four users are within the mobile category. These are the important information which will help us a lot when we blog or work on our website. Eventually these are the people who will be browsing our blog and website. Understand our reader is a must if we want to improve our blog or website.

Check out eh blog post title “Five mobile trends to watch and how you can get started today” form Google Mobile Ads Blog. Watch the video within to learn about the mobile trends. Below are some of the important facts listed in the blog.

  • 85% of mobile devices will be web enabled by next year.
  • Mobile search has grown 4x in the past year.
  • 1 in 3 mobile searches have local intent.
  • 30% of restaurant searches are from mobile devices.

Judging from the facts above, we need to make changes to catch up with the trends. We have to change in order to continue the pursuit of money making opportunities online. How fast we can adapt to the trends will determine our chances to survive, the chances to continue make money online.



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