Focus on Users or Viewers While Pursuing for Money Making Opportunities online

Bloggers are often reminded to write for readers instead of search engine. But when our blog or site is not getting much traffic, it is perfectly fine to write one or two blog posts dedicated to search engine. The purpose of writing for search engine is clearly trying to increase traffic by obtaining a higher search ranking. When our blog or website is able to rank at a higher position for certain keywords, no doubt it can help brings in lots of traffic. But if our blog or website is not written for readers or viewers, people will just move on after having a glance. Search engine might be able to bring in lots of readers or viewers, but it is the content and structure of our blog that makes them stay. As there are so many blogs or website online created with similar content, only those that are providing good user experience will make money successfully. You cannot win by just having good quality content. You have to guide your readers towards what they are looking for. In other words, you have to draw a map for your readers so that they can find the treasure (content) you provide easily. And of cause the map must be easy to read too. Check out the blog post title “5 Principles of User Experience, Part 1” from Google Inside Adsense Blog. If you find this information helpful, stay tuned for part 2 and 3 of the three-part series highlighting five user experience principles to keep in mind when designing your site.

Remember that at the end of the day, it is the users’ action and decision that determine if you are able to make money or not. In the first part of above blog post, two important design tips and techniques are introduced.

  • Focus on your users’ goals.
  • Employ a clear structure to guide users.

One of the questions asked in the blog post which kept me thinking again and again is “How can I give my users what they want while getting what I want?” Honestly, I have been searching for the answer ever since I start blogging.



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