Focus on the results but not the tasks?

It is true that we should be focusing on the results because at the end of the day money is what we are after right from the beginning. Does that mean we do not have to focus on tasks? Can we really just do whatever we can in order to make money online successfully? I suppose the big question is what we can and cannot do after all.

Focus on the results but not the tasks. I think this sentence hasn’t been interpreted correctly. No doubt that we are trying to achieve the results that we hope for. Completing the tasks required is the way to reach the final results that we want. In other words, we should be focusing on the tasks but no the results. We can only hope for the best results. We won’t be getting any results if we do not work on the tasks.

We should be focusing on the tasks that bring in the results that we want. I think the sentence should be written this way. Choosing the right suitable tasks should be the main focus. And this raises another question of “How do we know which is the right tasks to complete in order to get the results that we want?” I suppose we just have to rely on knowledge and experience.



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