Finding Money Making Opportunities From Google Biggest US Search Advertisers

When it comes to identify the best money making opportunities online or niche market, one of the methods is to find topics with the largest amount of money advertisers put in. This is actually a very simple and basic concept. When there are lots of advertisers investing lots of money in a particular topic using Google Adwords, publishers will then have a higher chance to make money via Google Adsense in this particular topic. In other words, publishers just have to find the topic which lots of money are put in for advertising. It sounds simple but the problem is nobody actually knows which topic has the largest amount of advertising money. Some topics can be very obvious and lots of people will dive into the same topic hoping to make money via Google Adsense. But then lots of competition will slice the money making opportunities into tiny little pieces which not worth putting efforts on it. This is why some people tend to find Niche market which has less competition but with few advertisers only. Either way, it is all about finding the niche market that has enough advertising money but with less competition.

Check out the blog post title “Meet Google’s Biggest U.S. Search Advertisers” from Ad Age Digital. You will find a list of companies that spend the most money advertising in Google search within US. Although this information is just an estimation data, I suppose this is the best we can get. Judging from the list, we can actually predict some of the largest niche market available. Take for example AT&T with global search spend of $115,564. Most of the advertising should be related to smartphone or mobile phone related service and products. This is how you find your Niche market. There are 20 companies on that list. Simply find one product or service from each company and you will find your niche market to work on. Although there is no guarantee that you will make a lot of money from Google Adsense by writing on these product or service, I’m sure it is worth a try.



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