Final Emergency Method to Create a Blog Post When Running out of Topic to Write

Although I did mention in my previous blog post that we should take all the time we need to create good quality blog post, but still there is a limit over the time that we take. Obviously we cannot let our blog hanging with the same post for too long. The longer it takes for us to produce new post, the greater our blog suffers. In other words, our blog might lose a lot of traffic and readers if we do not update our blog often. But sometimes we are just running out of ideas or topic to write or blog about. I’m sure most bloggers had the same experience whereby we just sit in front of monitor with hands lying still thinking about what to blog or write about. In order to jump of the above situation, here’s one way that you can try to find ideas and topic to write about.

Check out competitors’ blog and read through their blog posts. I’m sure you’ll find some topics or ideas which you have never thought about which suitable for your blog. Although you can’t copy the content but it is alright to make use of the idea or topic. And if you search for other similar blogs which wrote about the same topic or idea, you’ll find several bloggers with different opinion under similar topic. After going through or browse through several blogs or websites with similar topic, I’m sure you can compile the things that you’ve read and come out with your own point of views and opinion.

One of the examples which a lot of bloggers tend to use is the “top 10…” or “top 20…” blog post. It is a very simple method as you just have to find several “top 10…” blog post with similar topic and combine it into a “top 20…” or “top 50…” blog post. Remember to include your own opinion or point of view at the end of the blog post to make it unique.

P/S: Try search for “top 10 ways to make money online” and you’ll find lots of blog posts with similar topic.



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