Feed your blog the right stuff in order to grow

It is not easy trying to make money online via blogging. It really takes a lot of time, energy and determination. You have to really take care of your blog like a baby so that one day it might grow into a successful person. In other words, the food that you feed and lessons which you teach will determine and affect the outcome. So if you are hoping to make money online successfully via blogging, you will have to feed your blog the right stuff.

What do we feed our blog? Blog posts or content are the main basic things which we put into our blog. It is the main ingredients which build the topic of the blog. We have to be careful when choosing the ingredients because the wrong stuff can alter the taste completely. You don’t want to add curry into your pot when you are trying to cook chicken soup.

Other than blog posts or content, there are a lot of things which you can add in to make your blog grow better. Some of the stuff might be small or simple but it still helps to grow your blog. Do not under estimate your effort to make your blog better and grow. You can start by getting your blog a favicon. A favicon is a tiny mini little picture in the corner of the browser tab. You probably have seen it whenever you are surfing and checking out websites online. You can also try to create a logo for your blog too. Logo and favicon can be created simultaneously. Next you can try to play around the fonts style and size. It may sound simple but it can be very difficult when it comes to choosing the right fonts which makes your blog stands out. The simplest way to add flavor to your blog is by including photos and video clips. As long as the file size of the photos and video clips are not too big and won’t slow down the loading time of your blog, it is probably the best way to attract your audience.

All the above mention suggestions are not a one time work. As long as you keep on blogging, you have to constantly work on the ingredient which you are trying to add into your blog. It is a nonstop continuing work when it comes to making your blog attractive and appealing.



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