Faster and Simple Mobile Apps Makes Money

When it comes to making money by creating mobile apps, we need to consider two important criteria. The mobile apps need to be simple and fast respond. Just make a simple survey on mobile or smartphone users about the mobile apps they used. The first consideration is about the download data used by mobile apps. Remember that the upload and download data is limited for mobile users. If mobile users are using mobile internet providers, internet access charges are calculated based on the data downloaded. Mobile users might end up paying a lot of money if the mobile apps are design to download lots of data constantly. Check out the blog post title “A faster, simpler Google Search app for iPhone” from Google Inside Search. The latest redesigned Google Search app interface is a good example of mobile apps which fulfill the criteria of fast and simple.

As far as mobile phone users’ concern, the mobile app needs to be easy to use without having the trouble of going through the user’s guide. And the respond of the mobile apps must be fast and result oriented. In other words, the mobile apps must be able to provide the best and suitable result fast. And finally the mobile apps must not give any trouble or difficulties to user. Sudden increase of mobile internet fee, software problems, emails and advertisement spams due to the installation of mobile apps will force user to remove it.

If you plan to design mobile apps, it is best to compare your work with Google Search app or other popular app created by top website company. At least it will keep you on the right track of design.



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