Facebook is just one of the platforms to do video marketing

The work that you are required to do is not much different either you are marketing your videos on Facebook or other platforms. You can still be able to make money online successfully even if Facebook is not your first choice. The big question is which platform will gives you the biggest return given the same amount of effort and time invested. If you are able to market you videos successfully on Facebook, you shouldn’t have much problem doing it on other platform. So try not to restrict yourself on marketing videos on Facebook only. But before you try other platforms, it is best to just focus on one and try to learn as much as possible. Once you have successfully made some money and penetrate the market well, move on to other platforms.  As long as you created the video yourself and own the videos, you can basically upload to any platforms again and again. Check out the infographic below for “A small business guide to Facebook video marketing” Remember that everything that you learn can be apply to other platforms. There is no absolute way to do things right. As long as the method works, it is considered good. You just need to learn to apply the method correctly so that people will take a look at your videos.



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