Facebook and Linkedin into Mobile Money Making Opportunities Online

Right after the social community network online giant Facebook announced that they are introducing mobile advertising into their service, another social network Linkedin also revealed that they will be introducing mobile advertising also. Sounds like this mobile advertising service really is a profitable mobile money making opportunities for online social network that have lots of users.

If this is going to be a trend, we should be seeing lots of online social network starting to implement mobile advertising on their apps. Just do the math. You’ll see that once there is a huge number of users and most of them are using mobile apps, you can imagine the range of advertising coverage and the potential revenue. Even if the CPC or cost per click is $0.01, the revenue obtain is still extremely huge.

In order to make the mobile advertising attractive and effective, helping advertisers targeting the right customers is a must. This is the actually the best and only way to attract advertisers. And the only way to find the right customers for advertisers is to figure out what users like, how they think, where they usually hang out, what’s their hobby, what movies they like, topic of conversation with their friends and many more. So, don’t you think online social network such as Facebook has a better and clear understanding on who their users are? I’m sure they have all the information needed. With this advantage on hand, I’m sure online social network can serve better advertisement to users who are really interested with the ads. I think this is one of the reasons why Google is making so much changes and improvements in order to compete with Facebook. Google saw and knew the potential. This is also why Google creates and launches own online social network Google Plus. Now that Linkedin decided to join the game of mobile advertising, lots of interesting events will take place soon.

While Google, Facebook and Linkedin are competing with each other, what benefits do users get? Somehow currently there are no specific or direct benefits for users via the introduction of mobile advertising. But we all know that users are the one who contribute the most in making the mobile advertising service a success. If mobile advertising is an attractive revenue generating service, eventually lots of companies will be jumping in. Besides, online social network is not the only type of website can make use of mobile advertising service. Once competition starts cooking, some companies will share their earnings with users in order to keep up with the game. Those who are able to keep the users or increase the number of users will continue to grow. So I’m sure users will gain certain kind of benefits at the end. Especially if you are a loyal user for a long period of time, you will be rewarded. It is just that the reward might not be in terms of cash. We just have to wait and see.



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