Expanded safeguards for advertisers only?

We know that Google will always try to safeguard advertisers because that is where the money comes from. So when Google is trying to expand the safeguards for advertisers, I am guessing that Google is telling publishers to increase the content quality and be careful of what we are posting. Check out the blog post title “Expanded safeguard for advertisers” form Google Inside AdWords.

I don’t mind raising the bar for ad policies if it doesn’t affect my Google AdSense earning. Unfortunately strict rules are never good for anybody if there is no clear guideline and people do not understand and knows about it. If Google is going to update the policies, they will have to inform and educate everybody. Sending out an email explaining the change of policies and pretend that people understand perfectly is just not good enough.

I am very concern about this because most of the time Google does not listen to explanation. They tend to kick you out once you made a mistake, even if it is the first mistake and you have no idea you are doing it wrong. In other words there is just no room for error. When Google send you an email saying that you have violated their policy, it usually means good bye. You usually are not given a chance to learn the error and make correction about it. Not unless your site is pulling in a huge amount of money from AdSense.



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