Expand the topic of your blog in order to produce at least a blog post per day

If you are planning to produce at least a blog post per day, you need to expand the variety of areas which your topic can cover. A blog topic which focuses in an area too specific might not give much room to produce enough content for daily blog post. It is not easy trying to keep maintaining the topic that you are trying to cover while producing enough blog post every day. Instead of trying to make sure that the content produces matches the topic of your blog, it is better to focus on the content which your audience like to read. Take for example of a blog with topic trying to make money online. The areas which you can consider blogging include:

  1. Introducing websites which allows users to make money online.
  2. Sharing blogs which help users to make money online.
  3. Teaching readers step by step on how to make money online.
  4. Introducing tools, programs and mobile apps which can help making money online.
  5. Discussing ways to protect streams of income online created.
  6. Sharing online security and prevention from virus and hackers.
  7. Determine and identified scam and legit ways to make money online.
  8. Introducing and discuss about successful bloggers and entrepreneurs online.
  9. Provide motivation story and quotes to help readers keep on trying to make money online.
  10. Providing information about online wallet, bank and financial management on the money you earn.
  11. Sharing guides on maintaining health as a blogger or entrepreneur online.
  12. Discussing suitable computer hardware and smartphone to purchase.

Basically any information which might have a slightly connection with the topic of your blog can be consider useful. If the information that you are trying to blog is useful to you, it is good enough to make it a blog post. Remember that it is your audience or people who are reading your blog. Try not to focus too much on the topic of your blog but instead focus on the people or audience.



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