Examples of the moments that you can blog about

On my previous blog posts, we talk about the so call moments that Google AdSense explain in their blog post which we need to catch in order to find our audiences. After reading the blog posts, it gives me several ideas on the moments that we can blog about and make money online. I will personally blog about these moments if I have the extra time and energy for it. But most importantly I’m just not that interested in these topics. Below are some of the moment ideas which I have in mind. Feel free to hop into it and start blogging.

  • Yearly events such as Christmas, mother’s day, Father’s day, Thanks giving day, Valentine’s day and so on.

Christmas and Valentine’s Day are amount the best days to make money online. It is also possible to just focus on these two days only and make enough money to sustain your business for the whole year. Just check the data presented by Google analysis for the previous years and you’ll be surprise by the volume of business deals related with these two days.

  • Football game, Soccer, Tennis, golf and so on.

Although golf seems to be a sport play mostly by older people, a lot of youngsters are beginning to take up this sport. If you are interested in golf, perhaps you can pick a young popular golf player and blog about it. You can also post about the golf events and anything related to golf. Generally when we talk about golf, it is mostly related to businesses. But lately golfing has becomes a trend instead of just a regular sport.

  • Follow up on popular singers, musician, idol, Broadway, talk show and so on.

Singers or musicians like Madonna, Rolling stone and John Bon Jovi always carry out events and concerts. If you are a fan or loves their songs, create a blog just to keep up with the things they did can be very interesting. Your blog can also be a platform for fans to discuss, share and gather.

  • Gathering important information, events and sharing on a particular topic which related to you.

It will be best if this is something that you are experiencing or currently dealing with. One of the examples is diet. If you are constantly trying to control your weight and always searching for ways to maintain a balance meal, your experience and knowledge sharing can be very useful and attractive for those who are trying to do the same.



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