Everybody have the chance to build a multimillion dollar biz

No doubt everybody has the chance to build a multimillion dollar biz. But the question is how many people who tried actually achieve success? Frankly, not many people succeeded. Some people don’t even dare to try or even think about starting their own business. There are just too much risk and unpredictable events to bear with. If you have a good job that pays well, will you consider starting a business? Check out the blog post title “Turning a mid-life crisis into a multi-million dollar biz: one woman’s story” from Yahoo Shine. The forty-six year old divorce unemployed woman was able to turn her life around by learning to become a makeup artist. Bobbie Weiner is able to create a multimillion dollar biz just by starting off as a makeup artist. The journey of success was not easy. It was fills with lots of problems and difficulties. But still she managed to pull it off successfully at the end.

At the beginning, Bobbie Weiner was just trying to find a job in order to make a living. The idea of becoming a makeup artist was from a stylist at a hair salon. She just took the advice and starts learning to become a makeup artist for film and television. From that day on, she grabs on every opportunities that presented in front of her. Bobbie Weiner’s success does not come overnight. She works hard and did lots of research. She never let go of any opportunities. There are no secrets to her success. There is only right attitude towards achieving success.

By the way, Bobbie Weiner has no other options when she started off as a makeup artist. She just keeps on working and moving forward without looking back. Given better grounds and condition, do you think you can do better? Perhaps when people are corner and left only one way to survive, the will of survival can generate momentum and huge motivation. So, do you think you can quit your job in order to pursuit of money making opportunities online?



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