Every Money Making Opportunities Requires Hardware Maintenance

Lately my house or my area of living suffers from frequent power failure. Well, to be precise there seems to be some problems over the power supply. Over the past few weeks I’ve experience 3 power cut off for about an hour long and instability power supply which causes my computer to shut off. This is the reason why this post is born. Most of my time was spent on maintaining my hardware and staring at the candle light.

This story or this power failure disturbance incidence tells me that it’s very important to get ourselves a UPS or so call Uninterrupted Power Supply.  UPS is an electrical appliance that provides emergency power when there is a power failure. It helps to temporally maintain the supply power to desktop while users can take the time to save all the work and shut down the computer properly. It’s actually a common device used in companies to protect computers and data lost from happening. If you’re serious into money making opportunities online and wanted to make blogging your source of income, you should get a UPS. You need it to protect your computer and work. Besides power failure, there are other incidents that might harm your computer for example power surge, spikes, sag, noise and instability. I think it’s easy to get another new computer as all you need to do is pay for it. What I’m actually worried and concern about is the work that I’ve done. Those are more precious than anything else, including money.

I bought a UPS few years ago as my area always suffers from power failure. I installed the UPS and ever since then the device has help to save my work from power failure. I never check on the battery status of my UPS until recent power failure incidence. The life span of the rechargeable battery seems to reach the end. That causes my computers to shut down instantly when the power failure occurs. It actually hurts a lot when the blackout strikes instantly. My fingers on the keyboard hold together become fist when all my work disappears just like that. It can be very frustrating, especially it happens continuously. That is why I decided to stop my work and head out to the shop to replace my rechargeable battery. The reason that I did not do this until now is because I have to go all the way to the city nearby. Rechargeable battery used by UPS is no ordinary battery that you can get from any electrical appliance shop. You have to find the right size and rating for the rechargeable battery. Normally you have to look for shops that supplies or trade electrical components. It took me couple of day just to find the battery.

Finally I get to purchase the rechargeable battery and fix my UPS. But still it takes at least 24 hours to charge the battery. That means I still have to wait for it for another 24 hours. I might be able to prevent work lost but still I cannot improve the power failure issue. I just have to trust and hope that complains will reach the local electricity department and they can fix it. No matter what, this won’t stop me from blogging, and it sure won’t stop me from pursuing money making opportunities. There will always some problems and difficulties. We just have to solve it one by one.



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2 Responses to “Every Money Making Opportunities Requires Hardware Maintenance”

  1. Roger says:

    Hardware maintenance is very important. I found this myself in a difficult way after looking hole machine because electric shock. As well external backup storage can be very important too.

  2. Kumo says:

    At some point we have to get our hands dirty and do it ourself.