Every Money Making Opportunities Online has a lifespan

Whenever we are pursuing or trying out money making opportunities online, it is very important to keep in mind that every money making opportunities online has a lifespan. That means nothing is forever. We cannot hope that the passive income that we are trying to create can last forever. In fact, we have to be smart enough to realize if the money making opportunities online works for us or not. And we have to be able to decide when to give up, move on to another opportunity or continue working on it. We are always advised not to give up and keep on trying. It is true that eventually we will be success or reach our goal at the end, but we have to consider the time it takes. If it is going to take 20 to 30 years to achieve success, will that be ok? I suppose we have to decide if it is worth trading 20 to 30 years of time for the success. Especially if you are relying on the success of pursuing for money making opportunities online to put food on the table and pay the rental, then you have to think about it seriously.  This is why I always advice others not to quit their full time job while pursuing for money making opportunities online. Sometimes you just have to face the reality by trying to stay alive first before taking on any opportunities.

If you have decided to make money by blogging, you will also need to make a plan to make sure that the blog starts to make money after a certain period of time. Obviously you can’t just keep on blogging without considering when you are able to make money online. You have to decide if you are seriously trying to make money by blogging or just treating it as a hobby to kill time. Thus you need to make a plan and keep track of your progress. At least review your blog every month by listing the things that you have done and compare it with traffic gain and money earn. Based on the review each month, try increase the earnings by adjusting the time and effort you put in. Keep this up for at least 6 month or a year. If the results gain is not satisfy, then you may have to consider pursuing for a different money making opportunities online. Remember that one day we might not be able to make money by blogging. So try to make some money before that day comes.

P/S: You don’t have to stop blogging. Just focus and concentrate on other money making opportunities online. The blog can still be a good platform to help make money online.



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