Evaluating Google Adsense and Adwords from a Different point of View

As we all know, Google Adwords is getting more and more expensive and Google Adsense is paying less and less. This is definitely not a good sign for users of Google Adwords and Adsense. Paying more and earning less is what users don’t want but benefits Google. As most of the users are complaining about this, let’s take a look what positive effect will this brings.

                When Adsense is paying less, blogs quality might improve. Bloggers will try to improve their blogs as only good quality blogs will earn money from Adsense. This will also eliminate Blogs for Adsense. Blogs that created or design just to earn money from Adsense will eventually be eliminated. These blogs are created not for the sake of readers but just to earn money.

                When Adwords is expensive, advertiser will choose keywords more specific and appropriate to reduce the cost. Tying to buy all of the related keywords will seem a waste of money. As advertising using Adwords is expensive, using it for clicks to earn from Adsense will be difficult to achieve.

                The above situation is actually benefits to users that are not involved in using Adwords or Adsense. I’m referring to people that basically using Google search engine to look for information. They will not be happy if most of their search results always ends up with advertisement that trying to sell or asked for their money. All they wanted is able to find accurate info in fast and easy way.



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