Evaluating Adsense Custom Search for Money Making Opportunities

I have been evaluating and testing Google Adsense custom search since I started to use Google Adsense. Honestly I still haven’t found a way to actually make money with Google Adsense custom search. In other words, Google Adsense custom search did not bring much money making opportunities for my blogs. Perhaps it might just be the topic of my blogs which are not suitable for Google Adsense custom search. Regardless of the reasons, Google will not gain any benefits if publishers cannot make money out of Google Adsense custom. So it is very important for Google to keep on improving Google Adsense custom search in order to help publishers improve their earnings via Google Adsense custom search.

Check out the blog post title “The ads you’ve been searching for: Introducing Adsense Custom Search Ads” from Google Inside Adsense Blog as Google introduces the latest Adsense for search product – Custom Search Ads. According to the blog post, there are three new elements introduces. They are ad extensions, ad Sitelinks and Seller Ratings. It is good that Google Adsense introduces these new elements but I’m a bit concern about the search results turn out a bit too complicated. A search result page with lots of information might not be good as it complicates things and can be confusing for viewers. I prefer a simple and easy Adsense custom search which provides only the best result or answer. Giving too much information, options and data statistics for users are not helping at all.

P/S: I only want to find what I’m looking for simple, easy and fast. This is how search engine and any other custom search should work.



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