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I’ve been using EntreCard for some time and it seems to be a good time to make an evaluation regarding this site. EntreCard is a great site for me to increase traffic to my blogs. EntreCard uses a good method by making people visiting other blogs to click on their widget. Every click is the credit earns to advertise on high traffic blogs. Advertising from these high traffic blogs cost about $500 per month and not many able to afford it. EntreCrad creates an opportunities for bloggers to use their time and effort to grab these expensive advertisement spot instead of purchasing it. The only thing that bloggers need to do is earn more credits. That is to visit more blogs and click more EntreCard Widgets. This creates a lot of traffic. Unfortunately this is not entirely good news for every blog. That’s because the first intention of visiting the blog is to click on EntreCard widget and then continue to check on the content. Some visitors might just go for EntreCard’s credit without even looking at the content. Thus we have some percentage of useless traffic. We might have a good statistic of traffic flow but mostly does not convert anything. Even so I’ll say that EntreCard is a great place to introduce your blog. You may place your avatar with link to your blog if you work hard earning 300 credits everyday. There is a chance to get your blog all around the community around EntreCard.

The biggest momentum and attraction of EntreCard is that bloggers is able to grab an advertisement spot at high traffic blogs. That’s the main reason that drives bloggers to click for 300 credits everyday. It creates traffic and attracts new members. If this advertisement opportunities is taken away then EntreCard is just another ordinary social community site.

Lately EntreCard just made a huge change on their site. Previously members are limited to 1 blog for an account. That was not very convenient for lots of bloggers because most of them have more then 1 blog. The solution at the beginning was to open additional account for every blogs. That means if you have 3 blogs then you’ll need 3 accounts. The site realize the needs and made the changes. Now members are able to add multiple blogs in just 1 account. Previous members that have multiple accounts are able to combine them and makes it easy to manage. The site also gathered all the information and strategies used into an E-book that is free to download for intermediate or advance users. It’s one good way to find out how to make full used of EntreCard. In conjunction with the changes, EntreCard is having contest giving out free credits. Check it out.

P/S: Unfortunately EntreCard is no longer available.



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4 Responses to “Evaluate EntreCard”

  1. Hi Kumo,

    Your evaluation for EC looks good. However, I hope you include here their new feature, having multiple blogs in one account and their e-book. Graham is giving 2000ec for each blogger who will make the best post about it.

    I received mine. You can visit their blog for confirmation.


  2. Kumo says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. I just updated my post regarding the e-Book and contest.

  3. Holly says:

    I added all of my blogs to one account and I love it. I think it was the best thing they could do. It makes life much easier as there are days where I only have time to check for advertisers. Now I don’t have to log in and out for 5 minutes, it only takes me about one minute.

  4. Kumo says:

    Ya, that’s the best part of this improvement. Really helps save a lot of time. I don’t have to get extra email accounts just for another blog.