Emotional intelligent might affect your success in making money online

We are not machine or computer which can continue working 24 hours per day without rest. We are simply human. As human, we are imperfect. Regardless of how good we are in our work, our emotion will affect our performance at some point. Those who have achieved success certainly acquire certain level of emotional intelligent. What about you? Check out the infographic below on “How Emotional Intelligent Are You?” Usually when we are involve in a relationship, that is the time when our emotional intelligent is tested. You can be either being too happy or sad to continue with your daily work. Especially if you are going through a break up or divorce, you might not be able to focus on your job. It is not easy trying to separate your personal life from your work. Unfortunately sometimes we just have to force ourselves to become a different person in order to keep our own feelings from interrupting with our work. If you own a company with several employees, work related problems are far easier to handle than emotional problems.



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