Email your ideas or content when you are away from your desktop or laptop

Sometimes ideas or topics strike us when we are least expected. If we do not take note instantly, we might just forget all about it. Sometimes these ideas or topics can be very interesting. It might also the only brilliant idea which can help you make money online successfully. Unfortunately we tend to ignore it and thinking that we will remember it later. I suppose we just don’t have the choice because we do not carry pen and paper alongside. The only thing which we carry alongside the most is our smartphone. Perhaps we can note down our ideas or topics using our smartphone. Unfortunately not everybody setup their smartphone properly to take notes.

The best way to write down your ideas and topics which suddenly comes to you is by using your email account on the smartphone. You can basically compose your message and send it back to your main email account which you often use. If you suddenly have an idea of a topic which you like to blog about, you can directly compose your blog post using the email account of your smartphone. That is probably the easiest way to note down everything that you think of and send it back to you by email.

This may sound easy and stupid but if you haven’t try to take note using your smartphone, you will be having difficulties finding the right app to take notes. You might also be surprise to find that none of the ready installed apps can be used to take note. You have to go online and try to search and download a suitable app which allows you to take note. When you are finish installing the app, you probably might already forget the ideas or topics which you suddenly have just now. Perhaps you can go ahead and check it out using your smartphone. Let’s see if you can find any apps which allow you to take note.



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