Easiest Ways to Become Rich?

Did you dream of become rich? Have you ever think about ways or methods to become rich? Well, I think most people think about it including myself. Below are some of the ways or methods that I think we can try to make ourselves rich, if we dare to do it.

Marry a rich man or woman
It does sound practical and many are trying. Unfortunately there is only a handful of rich people available and too many competitors.

Win the lottery
You need to be the lucky one to win the game. Unfortunately most people end up losing money instead of become rich.

Inherit a fortune
Unfortunately you have no control over how and where you are born. In fact you might not inherit anything even if you are born in a rich family. But you can work or get close to rich old people who have no children or family member. You might have a slim of chance to inherit their fortune if they love you.

Invest in stock, property and currency exchange
You need some money to start off with. There is a risk that you might lose your money and the return might take longer than expected.

Find a reason to sue
Of cause you need to make sure that it is a case you can win and payment can be made. It might be troublesome finding a good lawyer.

Start a business or become an entrepreneur
It might take a long time to become rich or you might end up bankrupt, but the possibility is there.

The truth is the possibility of becoming rich is very slim if you are working for others. Your limitation of making lots of money is capped as a salary man. Your salary and bonuses will always remain at minimum level according to market value. It is just a simple logic fact which companies try to minimize labor cost in order to achieve maximum profits. Thus being rich remains as a dream for most salary man. You might not be able to become rich but at least you still can feed yourself and your family. That is if you are able to work until retired at old age without having much trouble. If due to unexpected circumstances which you are laid off or fired at the age around 40 to 50, you might be having trouble searching for alternative source of income.

It is healthy and normal to try becoming rich. There will always be a risk for any action taken towards becoming rich. No risk no gain. But during the course of pursuing, you will learn to manage risk and uncertainty event. This will surely increases your value as a salary man or employee. It is way better to just sit in the company and do what you are told without improving yourself.



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