Prepare Your Blog for Christmas

One more month before Christmas, are you prepared for it? Have you done your shopping for the presents for your love? Have you start to plan your year end holiday? What about your work? Are you able to finish your work before Christmas?

Well, lots of things need to be done in order to get thought the year end Christmas holiday and to survive it. That’s go the same as your blog. What do you plan on doing with your blog for this coming Christmas? Basically I think there are 2 types of people that you can be when it comes to holiday seasons. Either you can take a holiday break and spend some time with your family or you can take this opportunities to earn more money for the holiday seasons.

I was thinking of writing about how to prepare your blog to earn some money for Christmas, but then I saw the post on Problogger. Problogger has a complete series of how to optimize your Blog for Christmas and I think it was more then enough that I can think of. So, go ahead and check it out.

If you feel that money shouldn’t be the first thing in you mind during Christmas, then why not just write a post about how you feel about Christmas. I’m sure that each person have something special in mind for this holiday season, especially Christmas.



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