Dream big but take practical actions

It is true that we need to dream big when it comes to pursuit for money making opportunity online. But if you are seriously trying to make your big dream comes true, you need to take practical and realistic steps. The path to make a lot of money begins by earning the first dollar. Next you try to make 2 dollars, then 3 dollars, 5 dollars, 10 dollars, 50 dollars and so on. There is no limit of how much money you can earn, but it all started by earning the first dollar.

Although this may sound like an old man giving annoying advice which commonly known by everybody, many still fail to get it despite knowing the facts. You have to make enough money to survive at the beginning in order take the second step to pursuit your big dream. The concept is basically the same as “Learn how to walk before trying to run.” A lot of people rushing to catch their big dream without taking proper steps of preparation. Many stumble upon failure and gave up their dreams instantly. Although even with proper preparation success is not guarantee and still many continues to experience failure, at least the impact might not be so great. Most people gave up because they cannot afford to spend too much time, effort and money as their family is depending on them.

Remember that regardless of how big your dream is, you need to plan properly so that it won’t affect your daily life. Or shall I say you need proper planning in order to continue pursuit for money making opportunities online.



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