Do you want to become an entrepreneur?

Check out this infographic from FundersandFounders. Do you want to get a stable job or an entrepreneur? The world is evolving continuously. Do you think you have a stable job? Well, think again. Usually you won’t think about that unless you are hit by recession. No job is permanent or stable even if they say so. But that’s not the reason to jump out and become an entrepreneur. Companies will hire more entrepreneurs and more people will become entrepreneurs. That is the current trend. But still there is a need of permanent job. So don’t worry if you can’t find a job. Most of the companies around the world will be a mixture of entrepreneurs and permanent job. It gives the flexibility for company to manage their headcounts and budget nicely. Especially when there is a need for short term project, it is best to just hire entrepreneurs.

So the question is do you want to become an entrepreneur or not. Well, it is kind of depends on the lifestyle and goal you are targeting.

everyone wil become entrepreneur



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