Do you think you will get more freedom by pursuing for money making opportunities online?

Well, I think it depends on what kind of freedom that you are referring to. Are you referring to the freedom to dress what you like, the freedom to take a break any time, the freedom to run your business as you like or the freedom to make the amount of money you want? It is actually exciting when you compare to a regular 9 to 5 job which makes you doing the same stuff all over again and again day by day. But if you think about it carefully, the freedom gain actually comes with a price.

If you are still struggling to make enough money online to maintain your regular life style, you might not be able to enjoy the freedom you are expecting. First of all you will have to work harder and spend more time in front of your PC trying to make enough money for your monthly bills. You lose the freedom to do other stuff because you are too busy with your online business. When you are running your own online business, you are actually relying on the internet to survive. Going to a country side with no electricity or internet connection might not be an option for you. As it is your own business, you can’t actually stop thinking or worrying about your online business. A 7 days holiday vacation in a nice beautiful seaside might just happen to see your laptop or notepad sitting beside you while you are sun bathing. Whenever there’s a problem arises within your online business, you’ll definitely get back to work no matter where you are or what time it is.

If you think you’ll be enjoying a lot of freedom by pursing for money making opportunities online, think again. It probably might not be as free as you think. You will have to experience it yourself in order to know if you like it or not. Most people take their chances because they don’t like the kind of lifestyle they are having now.



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