Do you celebrate women entrepreneurs on International womens day?

Check out the blog post title “Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs” form Google small business. Honestly, I think there are too many days to remember. Here we are celebrating women entrepreneurs on International Women’s day. I wonder if there are international man’s day, international teen’s day, international baby’s day, international seniors’ day, etc.

I think it is good to have a special day because it is encouraging and motivating. Certain events or seminars can be done to provide help for entrepreneurs who are still struggling and learning. I think there are actually many of those events and seminars planning and running for this day as we speak. You might want to check it out if you are interested. You may try to make full use of this special day to boost your business. If you are already sailing smooth with your business, perhaps this is the time that you help those who are just getting started. Who knows you might be inspire to bring your business into the next level. If you are worrying about competitors, it is fine because there will always be competitors. You can’t eliminate all the competitors because new competitors will always rise. The best way to keep your business alive and continue on is to keep on learning and evolving.



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