Do we actually need to go college if we want to be an entrepreneur or start a business?

If I don’t have to worry about money, I will go to college before becoming an entrepreneur or start a business. Especially if I am still don’t know much about entrepreneurship and have no idea what kind of business I like to do, the best option is to college while trying to find out the answers. Unfortunately not everybody have the luxury to enjoy college life without taking up certain amount of debt. So the question is “Can we skip college if we want to be an entrepreneur or start a business?” The simple answer is yes, but… Given the fact that a lot of successful entrepreneurs or business owners actually don’t have a college degree, it is possible to be success without going through college. Here’s what I think of having to go to college or not.

If I choose to go college, I will definitely need to pay a huge amount of money for college fee. Either my parents have to pay for it or I need to take on college loan. The amount of money spends while going through college is enough for me to start a business. That’s the first thing that comes to my mind when trying to decide to go college or not. College is the best place to start a new business or become an entrepreneur. Instead of spending time on sports, clubs or society, you can try to run a small business by selling services or products on campus. You can try tutoring, selling books or t-shirts, babysitting and many more. You have the opportunity to try out several business types before seriously consider going in full force. If you are lucky, you might be able to find some business partners that share the same vision as you do.

If I choose not to go college, I probably will try getting a job while trying to figure out a way to start a business or become an entrepreneur. I might need to switch several jobs before I can really find a job that helps in starting my own business. I probably have to work harder because the day job already occupied most of my time. I only have few hours left at night to learn and work on my business plan. Depending on the type of job that I’m doing, I’m able to gain experience and knowledge on related businesses. I might be able to get in touch with bosses and business owners from different variety of businesses too. Hopefully I can build a network connection which might help when starting my new business or become an entrepreneur.

Either way, you will still have to work hard if you are hoping to start a new business successfully or becoming an entrepreneur. There is no guarantee in success. You will just have to cross your fingers and hope that luck is on your side. Finally be prepared to absorb several failures before you actually gain progress in starting a new business or becoming an entrepreneur.



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