Do not take on jobs that do not require thinking

If a job doesn’t require you to think too much, there is no future in it. Especially if the job is just a plan simple repeated process, don’t take it unless you desperately need the money for food and shelter. Most of these jobs will soon be replaced by machine or robots because it doesn’t involve decision making or judgement. One of the best examples is the operator job in factory. Eventually the whole production line will be replaced by machines and robots. If you are currently working as an operator in a factory, it is just a matter of time you will be replacing by machine or robot. If you are seriously thinking about your future or trying to build your career, get a job which requires you to decide and act accordingly. As long as the nature of the job is to solve problems and provide solution, you are in the right path. Don’t get a job which pays you for your time but doing nothing. Don’t get a job which requires you to do simple tasks which anybody can do. Remember that when you are searching for a job, you are not just trying to make money. You are also trying to look for a job which you can learn and gain knowledge. It can be either a specific skill which requires a lot of practice to master or a deep analytic or decision making which requires careful thinking. It really doesn’t matter if you go to school or not. It is your attitude and the willingness to learn continuously which brings opportunity to your door way. Anything else is just an excuse if you don’t want to do it.



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