Do not stop at Christmas but go after other holidays too

If you are able to pursuit for money making opportunities online during Christmas and New Year holiday season, why can’t you do the same for other holiday seasons? I suppose many of you who are trying to make money online during the yearend holiday season are currently busy preparing your site. Take a break and think about what I said. If you are seriously trying to make money online, why don’t you do the same for Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Hari Raya and other holiday seasons? Remember that you are able to target customers around the world. So are you restricting the opportunity to make money on Christmas only? It is just applying similar formula but with a little bit of study on culture, countries and customers.

Remember that people tend to spend more on holiday seasons. This applies to people around the world. And usually before the holiday seasons, companies will issue extra salary as bonus for their employee. So why not target these customers too? Basically you are just trying to pin point the right customers at the right time. If you are not from the US, perhaps you can try targeting local customers around your area. Surely there is one or two holidays which people around you spends a lot during the celebration. You just have to find a way to promote products to these potential customers.



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