Do not rely solely on Google search engine for traffic

You need traffic In order to make money online successfully. Regardless of the type of money making opportunities that you are pursuing, you cannot make money if you don’t have traffic. While you are trying to create good quality content for your blog, you still have to spend some time working on the traffic.

What is the main source of your traffic? Usually Google search engine generates a lot of traffic if you are able to play their games correctly. Unfortunately Google changes their game play always and not everybody is able to catch up with the game. If you feel that your blog or site is starting to lose traffic from Google search engine, perhaps it is time to search for alternative ways to generate traffic. One of the best ways is to work on your social media online such as Facebook and Twitter. If you haven’t been trying to increase the number of followers in your social media, I think you should start doing it now. Whenever you release a new blog post, introduce it in your social media online. Ask your followers to share it out as some of them might have thousands of followers. Make it a habit to talk or discuss the topic of your blog post at social media online. Ask a question. If you are lucky, it might turn out to be an interesting discussion. You may also try to run a small event at your blog or site and promote it at your social media online. Event such as lucky draw or free gifts usually went viral in minutes.



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