Do not drive your viewers away without letting them go through your content

It is true that first impression of your blog is important because that’s the first thing that viewers decide to read on or go away. Instead of trying to make a good impression, I think it is better not to let viewers hate it. I stumble upon an article title Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design by Jakob Nielsen and I think he has some pretty interesting points that bloggers should check out.

The top ten mistakes in web design are listed:

  1. Bad search. Everybody hates when it’s difficult to find what they looking for. Most of them might just give up. That is why we are advised to make our blog easy to find and remember.
  2. PDF Files for Online Reading. I personally hate this as it slows down everything that I’m working online. Better to convert all PDF file to simple text form.
  3. Not changing the color of Visited Links. I don’t like this either because it’s difficult for me to track if I’ve went through the page.
  4. Non-scannable text. Basically this is called “Text blind” because with all the dull similar words that cover the whole page, I’ll get lost what I’m reading.
  5. Fixed Font Size. Sometimes it’s really frustrated when the font size is too small to read and you can’t change the font size.
  6. Page Titles with low search engine visibility. It’s almost the same as not writing a simple straight forward title on what you’re writing. The title should be a summary of the post content.
  7. Anything that looks like an advertisement. Readers basically look for information and not advertisement. It’s annoyed if most of the clicks turn out to be links to advertisement.
  8. Violating design conventions. When the viewing method of a blog is design differently and readers have to learn new ways to surf through the blog, this is basically called not user friendly.
  9. Opening new browser windows. The feeling is just the same as popup windows. I too put on a block on popup windows.
  10. Not answering users’ questions. It’s a waste of time when read through the whole page but with no answer of what you’re looking for. Simple and direct straight to the point is always the best way that I’m looking for.

It is easier to drive viewers away then to attract them. If you’re not that good in creating an attractive blog but at least you can avoid making those mistakes that drive viewers away. Once they hate your blog, it will take much more effort to win them back.



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3 Responses to “Do not drive your viewers away without letting them go through your content”

  1. Abigail Baker says:

    Yes, I think if you could not create an excellent site, atleast don’t create one that would drive away your readers. Don’t you think the site design is also a great factor to make your blog attractive?

  2. Mathew Day says:

    I agree with you, getting people back once you chased them away with one of the 10 reasons above will be very hard. You can have pillar posts but if no one reads them then they are worthless. Not only you chased the reader away but you will lose out on all the traffic you could get virally from people who enjoyed your content.


  3. Kumo says:

    The site design also a great factor too. Just that some of us might not have that much money to get a nice design. Still I think at least we can get a free design that is not so bad.