Depending too much on smartphone apps for work and businesses can be risky

As smartphone is dominating the world, people are starting to rely on smartphone for their work and business. At the other end, smartphones and apps are designed and created to be smart in order to help users work faster, simpler and easier. It is heading a direction where smartphone users can perform any tasks by just a simple click or voice command. In fact smartphone users will be heavily depending on apps not just for work but also for their daily activities in life. The so call smart apps are able to collect data or learn user’s behavior in order to predict user’s next action. Information such as contact, email, personal detail, calendar, schedule and browsing history are being used to create personal experience. Thus don’t be surprise that your smartphone knows you better than your mother.

Given that these smartphones and apps are able to gain access to so much information, eventually it becomes a target for hackers. Please be reminded that any apps are vulnerable if hackers decided to steal information from it. Even if you decided to install antivirus program or any protection apps for extra protection, it is still unable to guarantee 100% safety. Sometimes the apps that we use might accidentally send out our information unintentionally. The only way that you can make sure that the information will not get into others hand is by not keying it into the smartphone. Do not use or store important information such as credit card number, bank account number and passwords in your smartphone. If you are not so comfortable with apps accessing your personal information, try not to list them out too. And if some personal information is required to start using the apps, just give any fake personal info will do.

When you are relying on your smartphone to do your work or business, hackers might not be the biggest problem. The biggest problem that you will most probably face is when smartphone is lost or broken. Imagine the contacts, documents and all the information within is lost. How are you going to resume your work or business without them? Thus smartphone users should always backup their data or even keep a hardcopy of those important data and contacts. You’ll never know what will happen. It is best to be prepared.

P/S: No doubt smartphone is convenient and able to increase our efficiency in work. It can also cause us a lot of problems if we are not careful when using them. Remember that when those smartphone companies and apps companies say that their products are 100% safe to use, they are not. And when things happen, they will always throw us a sentence saying “Users are the one that really are responsible for guarding their information.”



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