Data Analysis can Help Create Blog post and Content

If you are able to analyze data and explain it in a simple manner, you can use it as part of your blog post or content. In fact you might be able to start a topic just by analyzing a specific data. Check out the blog post title “Five Tips to Become a DataViz Wiz” from Google and Your Business Blog. You might be able to learn a few tricks to make use of data to increase the values of your blog. Remember that numbers, figures and statistics can upgrade your blog post from general to professional standard. Especially when you are trying to make accusation or assumption, numbers and statistics are the best method to support your statement.

Before you can do that, there is couple of things you need to learn. First you need to learn how to read and analyze the data. You need to be able to abstract information from statistics. Second you need to be able to present the data and statistics in a simple manner so that your audiences are able to understand easily. It is best if you are able to do it short without making audiences go through tons of data and statistics. The five tips provided in the blog post above should be able to give you a brief idea. Below are the five tips:

  1. Keep your audience top of mind
  2. Choose a visual format that makes sense
  3. Resist the temptation to dress up your data
  4. Draw attention to the important parts of your visual
  5. Tell a story

P/S: Remember that the skill to communicate with data is very useful in any field. Either you are working in a company or doing your own business, this is a skill which you will make use from time to time. Especially if you are preparing a presentation for or to your boss, this skill will definitely add points.



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