Cut your Expenses and Keep the Money you Earn

Finally after few months of daily posting, I skip one day posting. That’s not a surprise as sometimes accident happens and it does lately which I need to take care of some stuff. Well, as long as I work my way back to my regular daily posting, it should be fine. It seems like I’ve increase the length of my posting little by little lately. Each blog post has about 500 words. I notice that when I review back some of my post years ago. I also started to take longer time to write longer post. No matter, let’s just see how well or the effect of writing longer post can do to traffic and page rank. Now let’s go back to the main topic of this post.

Besides looking for money making opportunities to increase revenue, some people look at cutting expenses to keep the money earned. I don’t actually like the idea of cutting expenses but still it’s an effective step which you can see the result immediately. According to an article at Yahoo Finance title: 10 Expenses You Don’t Need, here’s some of the expenses that you can consider removing it.

Banking Fees of all Sorts
I have to say, this is the thing that always angers me. We have to monitor each and every bank statement so that we don’t lose our hard earned money easily. Some of the things mentioned in the article for example overdraft fees, checks and postage, ATM fees or even coin counting commissions can add up to a large figure. Sometimes I have a thought that putting money in bank is just giving them the chance to take our money away slowly.
Basic Investing Advice
Consulting fees are always there when you approach an adviser or a professional. That’s how they make money. So if it’s just a simple question or general knowledge, try researching it yourself before going for any consult. Do a search online, you might be surprise to find most of your answers can be found easily. Either it’s financial, medical or legal material, it’s better to do your own research before paying for any consultation.
Help Applying for Financial Aid
I think we all can fill up the application easily. We just need to take some time to learn it, be patient, if not just request help from friends or family members.
Pet Care
Honestly I think having a pet is big expenses itself.
Insurance on Rental Cars
The problem with insurance is that we purchase those which are unnecessary or duplicate coverage and miss out the one that actually needed most. I suppose paying for insurance consultation might help reduce the expenses.
Credit Reports
I think we don’t have to keep on checking on our credit status unless it is necessary.
There is actually no need for extended warranties as most of the products are design specifically to last until a certain period of time. Instead of paying for the warranties, mind as well use the money to purchase other new product if it breaks down.
Shipping for Online Shopping
I think you can find lots of site which offers free shipping. Again, when comparing price between two identical products, we have to include all the fees. Sometimes prices are increase to cover the shipping fees.
Well, unless you can feel and see the difference between having bottle or water and pipe water, it’s absolutely unnecessary to purchase bottle of water.

Most of the issue mentions above are actually basic common stuff that we do every day. I suppose we won’t notice the amount of money lost in these expenses until we see the figures, or unless our bills started to climb. We don’t have to pick on every little expenses but we need to spend our hard earn money smart. Most people become millionaire not because they make a lot of money, it’s because they spend their money smart and wisely.

P/S: I think I just realize there are only 9 expenses listed.



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One Response to “Cut your Expenses and Keep the Money you Earn”

  1. Jackson says:

    I always to to do that, but at the end of the month I fasten my belt, money are never enough. Business is going better than ever, but I think I invest too much trying to expand. I believe that this is the best time. I have a small % of depressed market, but when market start improving my % will grow.