Creating Popular Mobile Apps is Creating Mobile Money Making Opportunities Online

According to the blog post title “Apps become key to mobile advertising: Report” from IBNLive, advertisers are investing a lot in apps advertising. Advertisers will spend $2.9 billion on in-app advertising this year and consumers will spend $26.1 billion buying. Apps downloaded are expected to grow 38 percent up to 32 billion this year. Number of ads seen by consumers on mobile phones grew 21 percent in January-March over the previous quarter to 283 billion.

The above is the numbers and figures obtain from the blog post which indicates that mobile users are increasing, mobile ads are increasing and mobile apps downloaded are increasing. This shows that it is not too late to pursuit for mobile money making opportunities online. We can either create mobile apps or create a mobile site to make money online. Creating a mobile site is much easier for those who own a blog or website. Website or blog owners just have to make some adjustments and tuning for a smaller screen. Small screen and mobile users’ characteristic are two important aspects required to study and explore. Creating mobile apps is a bit difficult if you are not a programmer. But if you are able to come out with great ideas which might attract lots of users, hire a mobile apps designer to develop the ideas. You will need to invest some money into developing the mobile apps. The reward will be huge if the apps receive lots of downloads.

Judging from the trend of mobile market, there are still a lot of money making opportunities within the small display screen of mobile. You just have to spend some time and find it.



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