Creating Long Term Money Making Opportunities Online part 4

Once you have decided the field of topic to write and researched the source of information, it is time to write the content. Remember that in order to build traffic and create long term money making opportunities online, creating valuable content is the initial basic step.

If you are not good in writing or have not been writing for a long time, composition might be a difficult task at the beginning. You might take few days just to write a simple article or blog post of 200 words. It is hard at the beginning but the only way to improve is to keep on writing. Lots of practice will improve your writing skill and speed. I still remember my first blog post of 300 words took me five days to squeeze out. After years or practice and continue writing articles and blog posts, I can easily write a 500 words blog post within an hour. If you are still feeling difficult to write, below are some tips you can try out.

Before you start writing, think about the topic that you are going to write. It will be better to research and read about information or material related to your topic. A few minutes of brainstorming will be good. You don’t have to include all the ideas. Just think of a way to start, a simple point to write about and a conclusion will do. Once you have it in mind, start writing.

Write with your heart and not with your brain for your first draft. In other words, ignore the grammars, spelling, number of words or any other errors. Just focus on writing out everything in your mind which you have prepared just now. Once you have done, read through your first draft and start polish and correct the grammars, spelling and sentence structure. This is your second draft which you can post out later. With the help of Microsoft Words or any other writing software, you should be able to correct most of the errors. Try to write in simple easy English. Your goal is to convey your points so that your readers can understand easily. Lastly, don’t be afraid to post your article. Your writing might not be good right now, but it will become better as you keep on writing.



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